PMC AQUA helps you to monitor farmer ponds by capturing farmer profiles and pond profiles along with photographs and geo coordinates. It is imperative in AQUA Industry to understand Pond health parameters and assess body weights of culture during the crop life cycle to estimate Days of culture, Animal count per Kg, Survival percentage, Average body weight growth and Feed conversion ratio.

Key features in PMC AQUA:

  • Complete Visibility on Health of the Ponds and Sites at your fingertips.
  • Immediate Course Correction Actions can be taken in case of any disease incidence
  • Detailed Reports on the status of sites and ponds along with Product recommended Feed quantities, Average Body Weight and Feed Conversion Ratio for monitoring and analysis.
  • Ensure regular on-site visits by the Field Officer with features like Geo-fencing, Photographs, Contextual Validations and Reminder Notifications.
  • Maintain regular communications with the farmer about the progress with smart notifications
  • Monitor Sales team visits to Retailers and Distributors.
  • Capture Attendance of Field Team.
  • Complaints Management
  • Testimonials

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