Agriculture Reasoning Intelligent System (ARIS) answers queries of the farmer. The AI enabled ARIS advises the farmer based on his farm context. ARIS even alerts farmer to follow important agriculture practices which improves the yield and quality while reducing the cost of cultivation.



  • Registration

    Easy registration

    1. Simple signup
    2. Basic info of the farm
    3. Farm Context setup
  • Aris

    Conversational systems

    1. Ask any question related to tomato
    2. AI enabled BOT
    3. Understands farm context and responds
  • Dashboard

    Home page

    1. View golden points related to farm
    2. Market prices
    3. Weather forecast
  • Recommendations


    1. Notifications
    2. Package of practices as per stage of the crop
    3. Calendar of operations respective to farm
  • My-Crops

    Farmer and Farm database

    1. Farmer Information
    2. Farm Information
  • Profile

    Crop Knowledge base

    1. Crop knowledge base is AI enabled
    2. Knowledge on Open cultivation and Green house cultivation
    3. Hybrids and Varieties
    4. Nutrient management
    5. Pest and disease management
    6. Complete package of practices

Available only on Android platforms

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