neoRegulate Features


GTIN : 98787 8876 4578

UID : 98787 88763

Batch number : 787 8876 4578

Manufacturing date : 23-04-2021

Expiry date : 23-08-2025


* GTIN is a optional

Encode required information into QR code as per regulation

Scan QR code on pouch/bottle using mobile camera /3rd party app
qr Code Details
eye View data related to scanned QR code on your company site

Key problems being solved

  • Each Agri-input Product needs to be QR Coded for regulatory compliance, marketability and authenticity.
  • neoRegulate simplifies the task for encoding all the information into QR Code labels and meeting the regulatory compliance.
  • Solution empowers generation of QR Code as well as end-to-end scanning and tracking
  • Store production data in a data storage vault
  • APIs to retrieve data from vault
  • Scanned data including number of scans of each
    serial code (based on URL requests).
  • Serial codes received to server for verification but not found in vault.

On the line and offline printing capabilities

Out of the box integrations with


On the line printing, inspection, rejection, code aggregation


Offline printing via

  • Winder rewinder for laminate roll, product label roll
  • Conveyor belt for tri-laminate pouches, unit/individual labels
  • Label stickers in roll form
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