Industries we serve

Crop Protection

We work with leading agrochemical players to solve problems for four key stakeholders: Factory, Channel, Sales and Marketing Teams and Farmers.We provide Serialization and Traceability solutions to track agrochemical movement all the way from Factory to Warehouse to Channel to Farmer.

For sales and marketing teams, we provide software solutions which help manage the order to cash cycle. We also provide field marketing tracking software to track activities, targets and measure Field Marketing ROI. For Channel, we provide Channel App to help sales team track their primary sales to distributors and secondary sales to retailers. We also help sales team build relationship with the channel through loyalty rewards and engagement activities.

For Farmers, we provide farmer data management platforms and help sales team build direct relationship with farmers.


Hybrid seeds

In addition to serialization and traceability solutions to track hybrid seeds movement and counter spurious seeds in the market, we also provide seed production management systems to monitor the production processes at growers' fields and update ERP systems with yield estimates and expected harvest dates during the crop season.

Through our analytics platforms, hybrid seed companies can monitor the progress of the crop during the season and track field observation studies that are made during different crop stages.

Agri Markets

Inorder to help integrated agri market players get better return of investments in procurement strategies and provide better linkages between the farm gates of the producer and the factory gate of the consumer,we provide software services to track crop acreages and map region of interest for premium crops.

We process image data acquired by satellites, perform radiometric corrections and provide direct and accurate measurements of distances, angles, positions and areas using sattelite images.

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