When you have a marketing team on the field performing different tasks and executing different activities, it can become very tricky to monitor their activities and progress. It becomes very important for a business to understand which marketing activities are producing results and which strategies are not successful. They also need to know if they are reaching the right customer and how can they increase their reach.

Some key questions that you may want answers to could be

Is My Field Team In Touch With Farmers And Executing Activities?

Who Is Buying My Product?

What Is The Profile Of My Customer?

How to train new and old staff on existing and new products?

How to engage retailers and execute activities without direct meeting?

Key features in Field Marketing

  • Customer Profiling & Segmentation
  • Intelligent Activity Assignment
  • Seamless Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Targeting Farmers and Retailers through Segmentation
  • Online and Offline recording of farmer Interactions
  • Recording Channel Partner interactions
  • Digitized Package of Practices
  • Sharing Farmer testimonial
  • New Product launches

    Our Key Differentiators

  • 18 Years in innovating Enterprise and AgTech Applications
  • Executed more than 100 projects in 20 Countries 
  • Run the largest retailer loyalty program in India
  • Executed the largest tech based universe survey of Ag Input channel in 16 countries and thrice over in India
  • Serving Industry Leaders namely PI Industries, Jivagro, LG, Bioseed, Biostadt, Nufarm, VNR Seeds, Indofil & Saraswathi Agro.
  • ‘Your Problem statement Our Solution’: Strongest in Ag Domain
  • Improving your odds with our predictable outcome driven solution.

Industries we serve


Crop Protection

Hybrid Seeds

Market Research



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